Sea Freight

Did you know that in some cases naval transport is even faster than air freight? If not, don’t worry – that's why we joined in! Sea freight is the most common solution for high-volume inter-continental transport, which also means that it is necessary to have full control over it. To achieve this, active communication on both sides of the supplier chain is important. This way, we manage to prevent unexpected changes in transport plans.


Possibilities of sea transport

  • FCL (Full Container Load) – full container shipment
  • LCL (Less-than-Container Load) – piece shipment
  • dangerous goods
  • Oversized goods and non-standard container types
  • door-door / port-door / port-port
  • export and import customs clearance
  • insurance
  • special packaging
  • and many more…

Standard types of containers

  • standard 20’, 40’, 40’HC (high cube)
  • reefer – refrigerated isothermal container for goods requiring a controlled temperature
  • open top – container with an open roof for oversized goods or goods that need to be loaded by crane
  • flat rack – a container without a roof and side walls for goods that exceed the dimensions of ordinary containers

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