We deliver anything, anywhere, on time and in proper condition.

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Journey starts


To the clouds and beyond! We can load the unloadable onto a plane and transport it even to places you would hardly find on the map.

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Do you have a specific project? We can do anything!

We listen carefully in order to understand our customers’ needs. Listening is the key for achieving mutual goals, not only in logistics, but in any situation. Our specialists will be happy to hear every detail from you. Often seemingly unimportant information becomes significant in order to succeed.


We always have favorable winds. All year round in all directions. We can load one container or, if necessary, half a ship and more.

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We can transport any shipment. Anywhere, on time and in perfect condition.

Whether you need to transport electronics or wooden logs, we are not afraid of anything. So far, we have always found a suitable solution for shipments that were rejected everywhere else.


Saddle up and get ready for a ride! We handle road trucks as well as combinations of different modes of transport.

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Thanks to analysis and foresight, we can detect issues even before they occur

Without previous experience, it is difficult to predict what can happen during transport and how to prevent problems. That is the reason to hire us. Thanks to many years of experience and the amount of shipments, which we count in the tens of thousands per year, we have amassed a lot of know-how. And of course we know how to use all the knowledge we gained. Within our internal system, we register all important information that helps our specialists to function as one experienced unit. Thanks to this, our customer center can immediately solve the vast majority of your requirements or transport obstacles.


Reliable and on time. Our trains are not delayed express, but long sets of wagons that transport your cargo from one continent to another.

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Our setup is to approach the customer as a partner

Partners listen and respect each other and feel a mutual responsibility. You can be sure that we will do everything we can in order to meet your needs. In return, we know that we can count on your loyalty and trust. This setting helps us not only gain customers, but above all maintain their favor. No wonder our business relationships often turn into friendships.


The impossible immediately and a miracle in a few days! Having trouble with logistics? Leave it to us so you can focus on your business instead, we will solve it for you.

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We are heroes of unpredictable situations

And masters in solving them. We record all our experiences in the internal company’s system so that we can easily reuse the knowledge in the future. Thanks to this, we can find out the best solution to any situation.


Houston, do you have a problem? Whether it is about a specific oversized transport across half the world or complex customs declarations, we will sort it out!

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We are familiar with all processes related to logistics and we can arrange practically anything

Our experience does not end with transport. Some of us have gone through various positions, from operations to the top management of world-renowned corporations. In addition, we are also actively engaged in business activities as we buy and sell goods ourselves. Thanks to this, we understand the entire supply chain, from material planning, production process, high-volume transport and storage to final distribution. Thanks to this comprehensive experience and the fact that we face the same challenges as our customers, we can truly understand the context behind your needs.

Looking for transport heroes?

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