About us

As you might already noticed from our website, we do logistics in a slightly different manner. Differently — and better!

Our success formula

+ Experience and understanding

+ Desire to help and find the right solution

+ Quality communication

+ Custom systems (which we are constantly updating)

= Clients’ and our satisfaction


Complex approach

We do not see transport services only as transport, but as a part of a whole business process. It is important for us to think about what was going on before the transport and what will happen afterwards. Our aim is to understand the contexts, anticipate potential consequences and propose solutions based on the information we perceived. That’s where we see the key to success. Logistics is a very complex discipline in which there are a number of traps one without experiences can fall into. It is these complications that we try to avoid, foresee and transform so that everything runs smoothly and the whole process is tailored to you and your projects.

This was the main motive that directed and motivated us to establish "slightly different" freight forwarding. Thanks to previous experiences, we have realized that an overall approach is exactly what was missing in the market and thus ByTorp was created as a result of our vision.

Our experiences

Except logistic, we gain valuable know-how from the opposite side of the supply chain as well. Developing our own business and products, we were shipping materials from Asia, America etc. Therefore; we had to handle certification, multiple approvals for a particular world market and other specific tasks related to transport. As a result, we understand customers’ needs and know exactly what has to be done.

In addition, we have experiences from large logistics corporations, where we were in charge of the business development of the whole Central and Eastern Europe. Later, we ran the entire companies and were responsible for opening new logistics centers. Thanks to our continuous effort to manage things differently (contrary to established corporate standards), we gained a lot of knowledge which we wanted to use in our own logistic project.


Way to the top

We started the forwarding with the project PosliSnadno.cz. A service that is mainly focused on a transport of documents and packages. The platform is oriented towards customers who do not have much experience within the industry and who need the simplest possible approach as well as advice from someone versed in the field. Behind the simply-looking surface, however, is a professional service built on expertise and sophisticated systems. Step by step, we have expanded our team and the offered portfolio of services so that we could grow into a full-fledged and stable freight forwarding. Nowadays, we can provide almost any transport. It was important to us to build a portfolio of services gradually and be part of the operation from the beginning, so that we could really fulfill our idea and standards.


We are the customers ourselves

Furthermore, we are still actively involved in business activities. We buy and sell goods ourselves using our own services daily. By facing similar challenges as our customers, we can truly comprehend what is happening in the background of a particular case besides shipping itself.


Our strengths and values

Our biggest value is our team, supported by our own internal systems, which help us to monitor and solve challenging tasks that are beyond the capacity of conventional forwarding systems. As a result, we anticipate most of the complications and are able to proactively solve situations that have already occurred. The basic pillars of our company are strong customer orientation and quality communication. As cliché as it sounds, the first contact with us will send your doubts away. Send away? Yes! It just depends what means of transport you choose.

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